Hollywood. Where the media elite establish much of what passes for critical thinking in our self absorbed society. You can hear the tormented, disturbing reverberations of the messages this young man was immersed in throughout his diatribes. That he was entitled to a life of gratification? Where do we hear that? Playboy comes to mind. Why do we send these messages to our youth, to ourselves, to our society? I’m not for policing speech, don’t get me wrong, I don’t suggest any new laws, in fact I think the ten that God gave us are quite sufficient. I am suggesting that we each, examine ourselves, look at what we are immersing ourselves, our mates, our children and families in. What does it glorify? What do we hold up as virtuous? And why? And with a little more critical thinking, what kind of outcome should we expect if we continue on the path we and those we love are on?

I am afraid that in many cases the damage is already done, it may be too late, as it was for Elliot a long time ago; some things are learned too late. His psyche was formed years ago. But let him and others so disturbed by our culture be a warning to us and let us sound the alarm, redouble our efforts. We cannot afford to raise another generation to look up to, to emulate, to idolize a lifestyle of self gratification and perversion. We’ve told a couple of generations of Americans now several destructive messages, the most destructive being that our sexual freedom represents true freedom, and all the while our media has been happy to oblige and reinforce that message simply because it is the shortest route to big money and capturing the most eyeballs; we are titillated and our attention is rapt.

Sexual liberty (in the sense that American culture has taken it, ( in a phrase, “if it feels good do it” ) is not freedom. This philosophy and approach within Western society has and continues to bring us destruction in the form of broken marriages, unwed mothers, abortions and the spread of diseases of myriad stripes. Never mind the cost to society from the anxiety and depression a licentious lifestyle brings. Of course we can always medicate our way out of that now can’t we? Which brings us to the second prong of our self-delusion; Pharmacology.  You need only follow the money again to see how crazy we’ve allowed ourselves to become, all while being led down another destructive path. We actually believe we’re being helped by anti-depressants and other psycho-active compounds. We’ll shell out huge money to anesthetize ourselves, but in the end we’ll be worse for it and some of us will break and take others with them while the rest look the other way, somehow distracted from the realities in front of us, the clear indications that we are on the wrong path. And yet so many of us will stand up and rail against the Constitutional protections the Founders of this Country intended to afford us continued independence.  Many of those same people will rail against God, against their Creator and against laws both God given and natural. To what end? I would posit; to the end that we as a society have and continue to frame ourselves in a grievous way, guilty, of miss-leading generations of our youth into self absorbed corruption. We reap what we sow.